Our marketing approach



Being in the same group with the agency MD Communication, we understand your marketing needs, so advertising with us includes consultancy during all your campaigns. Also, we can assist you with custom consultancy for broader marketing campaigns, upon demand.


We pay attention to details, and understand you business when creating simple or complex content for you and your customers.

Our talented content writers are like wizards of words because they put into the light your brand, business and products so they shine like stars.

Yes, of course, we do follow your guidelines and briefs so every piece of news, advertorials, native content campaigns, ads, banners, interviews, special branding etc attract awareness and visibility on our magazine, but also on other platforms you may want to use.

Promote your brand, business or products on Revista Sticlei, the only magazine dedicated to glass industry, in Romania.


Advertising options

  • Consultancy and content writing

  • Advertorials: 

Text, Photo & video advertorials

  • Banners:

Home page: above menu, in footer, sidebar top, 

Inside sections

Inside articles


  • Special projects:

Events: product launching, B2B (with designers, architects, partners), press events

Native content campaigns

Interviews series

Social media campaigns 

If you are interested in getting your brand in front of our readers by advertising on Revista Sticlei, please send an email to